list #3: back to school

Fifteen years later, I can still remember the excitement of standing on school supply aisle in Wal-Mart while my mother checked items off of the list. You know the list that the school would send out with needed items for the upcoming school year? They included things like hand soap, wipes, a certain size tissue box, colored pencils, fat Crayola crayons or skinny Crayloa crayons (depending on what grade you were in), pencils, other boring stuff, etc.

But then there was the list that you had in your head. It was the list of must have items that you just couldn’t survive the school year without.

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Happy Friday! ….er, Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon. A bit late for a Happy Friday post, but what the heck. Happy Sunday, everyone. Here are eight things that have caught my eye this week:

Image from here. That’s what Sunday afternoons are for, right?