Happy Friday!

– I joined Elizabeth’s pen pal project and am excitedly waiting for my first letter. I haven’t hand-written a letter in years! When I was a kid (back before I had any inkling of what the Internet was) my sisters and I would write letters to our friends in other states all the time. We were serious letter writers. We each had our own American Girl stationary sets. (Remember those?) I’m also excited about actually getting to hand-write something. I’m always typing these days and I miss writing by hand.
By the way, did you know it costs $9 for a tiny book of stamps?! I bought some the other day and felt like a true grown-up. It’s the small things, you know…like getting a library card, buying stamps, registering to vote….
– Speaking of handwriting things, this orange bag would make a perfect pen case. I’ve also fallen in love with this Garrison Bag from the same shop.
– A tube wringer: kinda weird, but kinda helpful.
– And since I’ve been reading everything there is about blogging lately, here’s a pretty helpful post from Social TriggersHow to Write the Perfect Blog Post
I will be in Florida with the boyfriend and family this weekend. I am looking forward to laying on the beach all day and not doing anything! Except eat a lot of Cuban food, of course. This will be the second beach trip for me this summer and, most likely, the last. Summer weekends fill up so fast!

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