A Blog

I had a blog before once before.

It didn’t last very long and I soon found out that it was because there was no purpose in it. I was basically re-posting the neat projects others had posted or the pretty pictures I had seen on their blogs. (I was giving proper credit, don’t worry) But, honestly, who wants to visit a blog like that? No one. There was nothing original, nothing inspiring, and no purpose in that space.

Right around the time I started thinking about creating a new blog, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess posted this article. Her advice is spot-on. It caused me to slow down and really think about what the purpose behind my blog would be. As a journalism student, I hear “Write more!” all the time. Why not do that on a blog? I think it is just as important to learn how to write a  fun, humorous, slightly sarcastic blog post as it is to write a factual, to-the-point, news piece.

I also want to work on my photography skills, which at this point are basically zero. I’ve noticed lately that there are so many simple things throughout the day that would make great pictures. I just need to learn to keep my camera with me and capture those little things.

Another big thing moving me to start a blog is that I only have one year left in college. This means it’s high time to start zeroing in on a career. Studying journalism has made me realize how many avenues one can go down with a degree in writing. I’ve been looking into online media/social media jobs, and have realized that having some knowledge in HTML and the basic know-how of running a blog is never a bad thing.

I’ve got a lot to learn. It’ll probably be a slow process too, but that’s okay. I’m going to publish this post and, hopefully, a few years from now I can look back in the archives and put a big check mark beside this goal of mine.

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