Mark surprised me the first year we were dating with a beautiful Diana F+. I knew I liked that boy, but this definitely sealed the deal.

The images never turn out like you would expect. Because of this I never use the viewfinder and hardly ever aim. Just point in the general direction and shoot.

It’s exciting to get them developed and find some gems.

It’s a cute little camera and attracts a lot of attention when I take it out. (Even more than my huge polaroid camera, which is surprising). I was stopped once by a local reporter who was interested in the Diana hanging around my neck and tThe result was a teensy tiny article on the back page of our local paper.

Do any of you have a Diana or other lomography cameras? They’re fun, aren’t they?


2 thoughts on “Diana

    • I love the Diana and would highly recommend it! I’m not sure what upgrade you are referring too, though. My camera is the Diana F+. These pictures are actually 35mm film instead of 120. I purchased a 35mm film back to add on to my camera, simply because there are no places to develop 120 film where I live and shipping it off can get expensive.

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