One Last Summer Weekend


This past weekend Mark and I packed up the car and drove to the beach. I was so happy to squeeze in one last beach trip. Next week, I move back to Richmond, resume working, and start my senior year of college. Mark will be working and finishing up his thesis here in Atlanta. Things will be get busy, as they always do, and my weekend trips to Atlanta will be spaced out a bit. So you can imagine why it was so perfect to have one last weekend, just the two of us at the beach. We were perfect beach bums! We slept, we talked, we read, we people-watched, we did nothing but relax. It was hot, but there was a strong breeze and the clouds were simply magnificent. I took so many pictures of them, but decided the blog could only handle so many.

What are you guys doing to soak up the last little bit of summer? Are you sad to see it go or are you ready for fall to be here?



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