St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a beautiful town full of history and palm trees. Even if you’re not a huge fan of history, there’s no denying the beauty of this old town. A huge thunderstorm followed us into the city on Saturday. The lightning and thunder was incredible, but it soon cleared up enough for us to stroll around. We mosey’d, window-shopped, walked through an art gallery, and listened to street performers. Later, we stuffed our bellies with delicious BBQ and fried shrimp at Mojo’s downtown and topped it off with popsicles from The Hyppo. It was beautiful and relaxing and the perfect way to spend one last weekend before school starts.

And, of course, no trip to St. Augustine is complete without a leisurely day on the beach. Those pictures will be coming soon.


Downtown Athens

downtown athenstransmetropolitan athens

Athens, Georgia is one of those classic Southern towns that you can’t help but love. On Saturday night, we ventured downtown to eat pizza at Transmetropolitan. We weren’t the only ones in Athens with that idea. The place was packed! Their pizza is to die for so it makes sense.
I love downtown Athens. Most of the time I’m not even going in the shops, but just walking downtown is inspiring to me. I love the huge trees that shade the sidewalks, the old painted brick, the original store signs that still hang on some of the buildings, the record store on the corner.
I fall a little more in love with this town every time I visit.

Eating Outside

I am finally getting up the last of the photos from our weekend at home in July. We had a birthday lunch at my parent’s home that Sunday with my grandparents and a few good friends. If you can’t tell from the pictures, the house I grew up in is tiny. Whenever guests came over, we had to scrunch to all fit around the table. It’s hard enough fitting a family of six around a table, let alone a few dinner guests thrown in the mix. So when warm weather came, meals were always moved outside. Because of this, eating outside in the summer is now one of my favorite things. Food tastes better outside. I’m sure of it.

We ate corn on the cob, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled steaks, baked potatoes, squash; all of the classic summer staples. Chocolate cake was on the menu for dessert and afterwards we all sat around in various stages of food comas. It was nice to be home again, even if it was a short visit.