If You Really Knew Me…..

you’d know that I’m not a girly girl at all. I never got into the whole princess thing as a kid. I dressed up as an old lady instead and called myself Eunice. You’d know that I can’t stand the color pink and my feelings towards purple are about the same.

you’d know that I wanted to work in a toll booth when I grew up. Later, I decided I wanted to be a jockey. I have pursued neither of these careers. Yet.

you’d know that I love to play piano even if I’m not terribly good at it. My hands start itching for a piano if I haven’t played in awhile. Oftentimes, I will play to an empty room, just to hear the music and the rhythm. I hated taking lessons while growing up, but I love playing.

you’d know that my favorite color is green, my favorite foods are bacon and apple pie, my favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird (along with a few others), my favorite season is summer, and my favorite accessory is a scarf.

you’d know I’m not a big shoe person. I have two pairs of sandals that I rotate between during the summer months (not counting flip flops, of course) and a trusty pair of boots for the winter. That’s it.

you’d know that I am a country girl in love with the city. I love the city I live in now and I love visiting cities. The crowds, the buildings, the noise, it’s all exciting to me. But growing up in the country ingrains something into your bones that never leaves. Because of this, I have a deep abiding love for the smell of fresh cut grass and rain. I love the sound of frogs at night. I love being able to look up at the sky and feel engulfed by the stars. There’s even a small part of me that feels somehow connected to the sound of country music, pickup trucks, and the excitement of hunting season.

you’d know that I love being a twin, but you wouldn’t ask me that because you’d know how annoying I find that question. Having a twin sister is hard to explain. We’re totally different, but we get each other. It’s like having a best friend who knows all about you.

you’d know that I like things to be in order and to happen in a certain order. When I go shopping, I like to work my way through the store in an orderly fashion. When I’m writing, I like my letters to be the same size and my lines straight. When I’m working, I like things to be clean and organized. The world doesn’t end if things are not orderly and organized, but my world is a whole lot better when they are.

Thanks again to Danielle for post inspiration



I love names. They are so interesting. Some have a great ring to them when spoken, while others look beautiful written out. I love names so much that I’ll spend hours on websites like this one, looking at names. The site groups similar names together and offers suggestions based on other names you like.

When someone has a baby, I’m not very interested in who’s nose the child has, just it’s name. And I feel genuinely sorry when parents give their child a boring name. I thought about listing a few examples, but would rather not offend anyone. It’s not your fault your name is boring.

On the flip side, it’s not a person’s fault that their name is strange or weird. This will be my children’s case, I’m afraid. I don’t like crazy far-out names, but I do like them to be unique and preferably not on the Top 10 Most Popular Names list. The names I like I hold dear and feel as if I have some unspoken claim to them. When I hear of someone naming their child one of “my” names, I instantly get frustrated. Pathetic, right? I will not be having children for quite awhile. By the time my future children have their names, these people will be teenagers, if not older. And who knows if these names will still be some of my favorites.

When I was little, I thought the most beautiful names in the world were Cindy, Lisa, Melanie, and Natalie for girls and William, Benjamin, and Harrison for boys. There’s certainly nothing wrong with these names, but you have to admit they’re not very unique these days.

Later, I fell in love with the name Reagan for a girl. I still like that name, but it’s becoming more and more popular and has thus fell lower on my list.

Here are a few of my favorites at the moment (and I promise not to bite your head off if you steal them. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that these actually are not “my” names):

Teo, Dax, Asher, Amos, Silas, Blade for boys

Harper, Asa, Lucia, Darby, Marlow, Alex for girls

And middle names (this is where I get crazy): Blue, Friday, August, Cash, Brick, Pilar, Luc, Rio

I often wonder if these will still be my favorites when I have children or if I’ll wince at names like these. I also wonder what will happen if I give my future children these names and they miraculously appear on the Top 10 Most Popular Name list. Uh-oh.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite names?

This post was inspired by Joanna’s recent post on baby names.

Back home

Beautiful old homes like this are one of my favorite things about Richmond.

It feels good to be home, honestly. I was surprised. I thought the process of unpacking and putting the last memories of summer away would be sad, but it really hasn’t been that bad. My sis and I met up with some friends for the day and visited some of our favorite places in Richmond. I’m so glad we did. It reminded me how beautiful this old city is and how much I enjoy living here.

The next few days will be busy. There’s still a bit more unpacking to do, getting ready for school, etc. But there’s a whole lot to look forward to and that’s what I’m focusing on the most.

Life is good right now.

Looking forward

Fall is beautiful. It’s a lot of people’s favorite season and it would probably be my favorite too if it didn’t mean that summer had to end for it to start. Still, there’s a lot of good things about fall. It’s the perfect time to go camping. The weather is lovely: not too hot, not too cold. And there’s always delicious food: apple pie, pumpkin pie, funnel cakes….

Here’s a few things I’m looking forward to this fall:

1. Season three of The Walking Dead starting.2. Pretty leaves3. The new Avett Brothers album.4. Fall festivals and funnel cakes.5. Bluegrass music6. Wearing vests7. Wearing boots.8. The crunchy sound leaves make when you walk through them.9. The way streets are transformed.10. Cozy cardigans.

Is fall your favorite season? Even if it’s not, what are some things you’re looking forward to?